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Carl Lang LIVE…

Entertainment  & Communication That ROCKS With Results!

You! Yes You! Do you want an Adult 55+ Fun Magic Program that will mystify , Tickle your Audience’s Funnybone, Astound, and knock their socks off with laughter?

(All with no hassle, no stress, and no headaches?)

Then you need to see “Out Of Your Mind” with Carl Lang.

The "Out Of Your Mind" Show!

Jaw Dropping, Laugh Out Loud Mind-Melting Concert of Amazement!
This  show is  a Must See!”  

The "Out Of Your" Mind Show!

 EVENT  PROFESSIONALS…                             “If you have been on the lookout for powerful AND entertaining mentalism that makes adult audiences jump to their feet in astonishment – you are going to LOVE…. Carl Lang in the mesmerizing  program …                             “Out Of Your Mind!”

So Tell Me More…

Impossibilities – Magic, Mindreading, and Mayhem,  CARL LANG – AKA “Mr.Ree” presents a night of Stunning Magic, Reality Shattering Mindreading and Hilarious Mayhem.

Add an evening of family fun where impossibilities are brought to life right in front of your very eyes.


1. Tons Of Laugh Out Loud, Audience Interaction!

You and Your Guests Are The STAR of The Show!

2. Programs That Make You Look GREAT!

Amazing, Interactive, Engaging and FUN Programs That Rock With Real Results For YOU and Your Event Success!

3. What is Mentalism?

Mentalism is all about dramatically blurring the lines, between what’s private (your own thoughts) and what’s public (the inexplicable revealing and influencing of your thoughts.)

4. Here's a program you won't forget. Top of the line!

The “Out Of Your Mind” is a burst of fun-packed, uncontrollable laughter, entertaining and mystical program that will keep you guessing and constantly amazed. The single most unique and unexplainable entertainment program that will deliver a power-punch of awestruck excitement that will make you the “Hands-Down-HERO” of your next planned event, convention, meeting or trade show!

5. Reach Out To Carl So He Can Serve You & Your Success.

Let Me Know How I Can Be Of Value and Service To YOU and Your Amazingly Successful Events & Programs!
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5. Have Questions??? We've Got answers...

Listed below are some frequently asked questions that may help with deciding if we’re a good fit for your event.              Click Here…

About Carl...

Carl Lang specializes in making events successful, amazingly entertaining and a lot of fun. That’s all he does. He’s been doing this for over 20 years specializing in entertainment for public events, and private and corporate dinner parties. He specifically tailors his presentations of Mystifying magic, Clean comedy, with a lot of Audience interaction. By being engaged in interactive presentations, where members of the audience become the stars of the Show, in ways that “Does Not Embarrass Anyone”, and creates an environment of audience appreciation. Not only will you enjoy the show, but remember and talk about it for a LONG, LONG, time.

So come on and join the crowd and get ready to enjoy an evening of fun, amazing entertainment, and tons of laughter. Get Ready to have the time of your lives!!!

What People Are Saying…

“You were better than any other program we had before! Everyone really enjoyed it! We will definitely have you back again!”

Gorden Sterling

Manager, Formica Corporation

“I was impressed with the steady applause and gales of laughter generated throughout the show!”

Jim Carpenter

Sales Manager, Sony Corporation

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It’s Not Mind Reading…

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