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Listed below are some frequently asked questions that may help with deciding if we’re a good fit for your event.


Do you need a stage for your performance?

Yes, for groups 50 people and over, I do strongly recommend having a small stage. Minimum size should be 10 feet by 10 feet (if I’m the only person using the stage) and there should be easy-access stairs for the participants and myself to use. Most venues can provide a stage or small riser either themselves or through a rental company . If you or other entertainers need to use the stage as well, I’ll need an 10′ x 10′ area exclusive to me. I prefer to have my own stage in these situations because many of my props are very expensive and delicate. I can’t have people near my equipment unless they are a participant of the show. This includes other entertainers, speakers, award recipients, etc.

What kind of room set up do you need for the stage show?

I need the stage to be up against a wall having all of your guests seated in front of it as much as possible. Guests that are seated directly to either side of the stage or behind, have TERRIBLE seats and therefore I ask that you select an appropriate room. A space that can comfortably seat all of your guests without having them on the sides or behind the stage. Also, if the wall behind the stage is “mirrored”, please see that a backdrop is placed in front of the wall so as not to distract the guests or have anything shinning in their eyes.

The room diagram below is a suggested table set-up that enables all your guests to see everything and enjoy themselves.


Do we need to provide audio for your stage show?

Many venues have their own built in sound systems. I however only need one if the group size is over 50 or there will be a lot of excessive background noise to compete with. Please check with the venue to see if they have a sound system as it’s usually best to use their system. I will  also need a cordless clip-on lapel mic (otherwise known as a wireless lavalier mic).


I would highly recommend hiring a professional audio/video company to take care of all your technical needs.

A key thing to have is a “mixer”. This allows us to have more than one mic plugged in at the same time (and different volume settings for each). I usually suggest you request a wireless handheld that you can use for speeches, announcements, introducing me, etc. and a wireless lavalier for me.

Do you need any special lightning?

Yes! It’s crucial to the success of the entertainment that there’d be adequate lighting. If it’s too dark, people will not be able to completely see and appreciate what their experiencing. Please make sure there is enough light for your guests to see me and what I do. A spotlight is nice but not always necessary.

Are you able to entertain while people are eating?

I really don’t recommend it because of the nature of the entertainment. It’s very hard for your guests to eat dinner and at the same time participate and enjoy the “Magic” that is going on in the program. Since they will be actively be involved in the program, this is not the time for “multi-tasking”.

If our event runs a little late, can we start your performance late?

No. Due to my busy performance schedule, all performances must begin (and more importantly) end on time. Sometimes my busy schedule doesn’t allow anytime for flexibility with this so I do please ask for your cooperation. If you have to start me late, I may be forced to reduce the duration of the performance to accommodate my schedule. Please give yourself some cushion when planning your event’s timeline. Be realistic on how long it may take to serve all of your guests so that I’m not forced to begin while they are still eating.

Are you going to embarrass or offend anyone?

I’m proud to say that absolutely NO ONE is embarrassed in any way. I’ve heard many horror stories of how other entertainers have completely offended guests in the audience with off color jokes and remarks. My entertainment is completely G-Rated and never relies on entertaining people by making fun or laughing at people. “We’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing with you…

Do you need a table?

Yes. Usually a rectangle dinner table is fine.

Will you offend anyone with conservative or religious beliefs?

There are absolutely no controversial, racial, political or religious references made in the show at all. I’ve entertained people from almost every religious and ethnic background in the world. My show is G-Rated.

Are you able to entertain people from other countries who may or may not speak English?

Although your foreign guests may not understand every funny joke I make, they’ll still be thoroughly entertained and amazed.

 What size audiences can you entertain?

I can comfortably entertain up to 500 guests on a stage without being projected onto a large screen(s). If you have a large group (200 or more), the use of projection screens makes the show much more enjoyable for your guests. Talk to your venue or contact a local audio/video company with questions about that.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. To pay online with a credit card or PayPal, use PayPal.Me/CarlLang for the secure link.

Do we need to pay a deposit?

Yes, a 50% initial investment and signed agreement is required to reserve a date. The event is not fully booked until these two things have been received.

Do you offer a guarantee?

All of my performances are backed up by my full 100% money-back guarantee. If you and your guests are not thoroughly amazed and entertained, you don’t pay a thing for the show. ( By the way, This has never happened…)