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What Makes A Great program…GREAT?

Some would say:
“If it holds the audience’s attention. Others might say: If it’s fun and teaches us something we can use! Still others say that: It gets us involved in the program.

Well… here’s a program that does all of those things, and then some.

It’s called… “Your Mind Power … Unleashed!”

Carl Lang’s “Your Mind Power… Unleashed” presentation utilizes magic and mind reading as “visual aids” and audience participation to help illustrate proven success strategies. Your attendees will discover how to achieve more in less time, the power of goal setting, time management made easy, and much more in a fun and memorable way.

Should having this much fun at a seminar be banned?

By combining education to teach with entertainment to inspire, you get an enjoyable program that will inspire your attendee’s, increase their productivity, and have lasting impact for years to come.

With “Your Mind Power…Unleashed!” you and your group will discover a PROVEN, easy to follow Success System that will help you achieve your goals faster than you can imagine. Wait till you learn my “Put My Money Where My Mind Is” $100.00 challenge effect!

This System is based on fundamental core principles of success

  • Quickly determining your desired outcomes
  • Acquiring the proper knowledge to succeed
  • Taking Massive Action — and following through
  • Managing your results
  • Testing, monitoring, and updating

How does that sound to you? Are you getting a little bit excited? You ain’t seen nothing yet…

Info-Edu-taining ~ The Ultimate Teaching Tool

Corporate speaker and professional entertainer Carl Lang’s combination of education with entertainment is something he calls “Info-Edu-taining”.

Your group is going to be motivated to learn the valuable success strategies in a fun and exciting way. Obviously 44 1/2 minutes isn’t going to transform anyone’s life BUT it will make them much more receptive to your message and your meeting!

A Shocking Offer That Will Have Your Head Spinning And Make Your Greed Glands Swell !

The Perfect Beginning To Your Next Meeting

“Your Mind Power…Unleashed” is a fast paced program GUARANTEED to get your meeting off to a rousing start. If you want to make your next meeting really, dynamic, memorable, motivational and productive…ACT NOW!

If you wait it will be too late. Grab the bull by the horns and go for it right now.

Call  888-824-2545 to speak with us about your event needs and ultimate desired outcomes, because we want you to be able to sit back and enjoy this as much as your guests and take all the credit for putting it together! Call now!

Car Lang To The Point


I’m so confident that you and your guests will love my program that I’ll put my money where my mouth is.  Simply put, if you don’t feel my program was everything I promised, and more, not only will you get the program for free, but I will also pay your company $500.  Try to find another presenter who even offers a guarantee, let alone one who will match my guarantee!

SAFETY CERTIFIED: – Before I was able to obtain performers insurance my carrier required me to take his safety certification course, which means I have had proper training to ensure that you will have an incredibly successful and SAFE event with NO incidents!

ALL INCLUSIVE FEES: – This means you are not billed separately for travel expenses.  There are no “hidden” costs or charges.  The fee quoted is the ONLY fee you will receive.

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